Man tar hodet fra en ugle:

Vingene fra en annen:

Photoshopper de sammen, leker litt med vinkler før man liner opp og tilpasser:

Så plaster man ned en stol:

Og begynner med omrisset:

Og etter fem timer har man en ferdig ugle pakket inn i plast på armen:




2 thoughts on “Ugle

  1. Kom bare til å tenke på Wodsworths dikt, som gjerne brukes som skole-eksempel på poesi på avveie…

    The Stuffed Owl

    [This is taken from the account given by Miss Jewsbury of the pleasure she derived, when long confined to her bed by sickness, from the inanimate object on which this Sonnet turns.—W.W.]

    WHILE Anna’s peers and early playmates tread,
    In freedom, the mountain-turf and river’s marge;
    Or float with music in the festal barge;
    Rein the proud steed, or through the dance are lead;
    Her doom it is to press a weary bed—
    Till oft her guardian Angel, to some charge
    More urgent called, will stretch his wings at large,
    And friends too rarely prop the languid head.
    Yet, helped by Genius—untired Comforter,
    The presence even of a stuffed Owl for her
    Can cheat the time; sending her fancy out
    To ivied castles and to moonlight skies,
    Though he can neither stir a plume, nor shout;
    Nor veil, with restless film, his staring eyes.

    Fin tattis, forresten

  2. “Yes, helped by Genius–untired Comforter
    The presence of even a stuffed Owl for her
    Can cheat time”

    Det er … jeg finner ikke ord. (Ser også at jeg må ha den diktsamlingen.)

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