Birdy puns

Min fine Doctor Hoo tskjorte kom i posten i dag:

‏Det førte til en rekke vitser på Twitter og Facebook, med utgangspunkt i “that’s some interesting hooters” noe som igjen førte til denne utvekslingen – tweeted, of course!

@StarseekR Right. Hooters, boobs and tits. Who knew my Doctor Hoo tshirt would be the start of so many bird related jokes?

@ANBratlie Well.. since you’re one hell of a bird, I’d have thought you’d been prepared for such jokes. Don’t run around flappin’ your wings

@StarseekR well, i guess i can be a bit bird brained sometimes too… trying not to chicken out of wearing that tee 😀

@ANBratlie haha.. what a hoot that would’ve been.. if you chickened out 😛

‏@StarseekR it would bee too much to swallow.

‏@ANBratlie Yep.. you win.. hands down, nothing I’d say now would fly.

‏@StarseekR hah! you’d better duck, i’m popping the champagne to celebrate 😀

@ANBratlie chirp away little sparrow, you earned this one

@StarseekR no need to grouse, there hasn’t been any fowl play 😀

@ANBratlie I’ll be watchin’ like a hawk for any updates on ze blog